The Three Sisters are a famous rock formation that resides on the beach by the Tongaporutu river, about 15 minutes south of Awakino. Walking down to the beach you can see the two rock formations known as the Three Sisters (the sea has claimed the third), with a new stack (the mamma) having been newly formed. Heading down to the Three Sisters there are also a number of caves to explore and beautiful views of Mount Taranaki. The Tongaporutu coast is one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the world so every visit is different.


Please note: The Three Sisters beach is only accessible two hours either side of low tide.

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The Three Sisters. Photo by Fabian Niebel

Mount Taranaki Sunset

Sunset at Mokau Beach. Photo by Will Knight​

Black Sand Beaches and West Coast Sunsets

The beautiful black sand beaches of the West Coast are a result of the erosion of the nearby volcano, Mount Taranaki. With some of the best surf in the country, the black sand beaches of Awakino and Mokau also boast some of the most stunning sunsets, and are the perfect place to sit with an evening picnic. On a clear day you can see the stunning Mount Taranaki in the distance. 


Over 400 Whitebait stands reside on the Mokau river banks with Awakino and Mokau known as the whitebait capital, it's only natural we are home of the famous whitebait fritter. With Mokau and Seaview less than 5 minutes away, why not bring your surfcaster and have a go at catching some Snapper or Kahawai?


Surfcasting at Mokau Beach. Photo by Will Knight​

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Awakino under the Stars. Photo by Will Knight​


Awakino is very remote, with little light pollution. This makes it perfect for stargazing on a clear night! If you're feeling brave you can climb one of the nearby hills for unobscured views, or just grab a blanket and head down to the riverside or nearby beach with a glass of wine under the stars. Don't forget your bug spray!


Awakino rests on the infamous Surf Highway. Less known than Raglan, but with equally good surf, this area of the coast boasts waves up to 3m high without the large crowds! 

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Surfer at Mokau Beach. Photo by Will Knight​